Automat edward hopper essay

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Automat by Edward Hopper Essay

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Edward Hopper

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Automat is a painting by the American realist painter Edward painting was first displayed on Valentine’s Day at the opening of Hopper’s second solo show, at the Rehn Galleries in New York April it had been sold for $1, The painting is today owned by the Des Moines Art Center in Iowa.

Hopper was a ground breaking artist of his time, and created new aspects in art, while influencing others. Edward Hopper was able to depict the scenes of the times, because he had an extreme good background in painting and drawing.

Automat, by Edward Hopper Courtesy of Automat was first displayed on Valentine's Day at the opening of Hopper's second solo show, at the Rehn Galleries in New York. Edward Hopper grew up and lived in the inter-war period.

He grew up in a well-off middle class family and decided he was going to be an artist as early as 16 years old (Smith, ). His parents supported him however pushed him towards commercial art because it had more promise and structure. He first [ ]. The woman in the painting “Automat” by Edward Hopper is twenty-five years old.

Her beauty is young and fresh, but her expression on her face is thoughtful for such a young person. Why is such a beautiful woman, dressed up as if going out, sitting.

Automat edward hopper essay
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